WordPress plugins

Below is a list of all the currently supported plugins developed:

  • WordPress Mobile, a plugin that enables you to display a mobile version of the WordPress blog.

JQuery extensions

  • Custom combobox, an extension that allows you to create custom drop down boxes that work similar to select elements

Other projects

Tomcat CGI bridge

The Tomcat CGI bridge is a Maven3 application that enables anyone to run a CGI based webservice using Tomcat. This can be extremely useful for those whising to run integration tests on a PHP project for example. Without the need to setup a seperate server to run your integration test against, this bridge application will bootup tomcat and bind your PHP application in it.

Interested in finding out more, then go to the project page on Github.


This Angular.js application that allows visitors to search in environmentally friendly educational learning materials (limited to Dutch and materials in the Netherlands only). It is an implementation of the GroenGelinkt platform and can be used to quickly setup the search screens that use their services. You can check out the demo here.

If you want to use it or find out more visit the project page on Github.