Microsoft Touch Mouse

By | March 13, 2012

microsoft_touch_mouseA little while ago I decided it was time to buy a new mouse to work with. My last mouse is a 5 year old Logitech mouse that works sorta, but is starting to show its age. Whilst there are many different mice which you could select I opted to buy a Microsoft Touch mouse. Its one of those new fancy mice with a touch surface that is suposed to make it easier to manipulate windows.

Before anything else I need to mention that the mouse is specially designed for use in Windows 7, it’ll work for other OS-es. But the special features are only available in Windows 7.

So what is that amazing promise that Microsoft is giving us. Well basically that this is an entire new way of using a mouse, easier and more control over Windows 7. But is it really??

The good

  • As promised the mouse has some multi-touch features that allow you to manipulate Windows easier
  • A way to look at all the open windows in one instance and select one for viewing
  • It’s still a mouse (so you can do all that any other mouse can do)
The bad
  • The back / forward gesture is frustrating and often gets triggered without you actually wanting it (my advice disable this feature)
  • Right click is not properly recognized by the mouse, the mouse will pretend my right click is actually a right click
  • It’s only gonna have the multi-touch gestures in Windows 7
So keeping all this in mind is this mouse worth it’s price. I am seriously leaning towards no. I mean it is 4 times as expensive as a normal mouse and the added features often don’t work as  you would want them to. So if you have a choice buy something else.

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