Working on Ajax integration with WordPress

By | February 4, 2012

As part of the new theme I’ve been developing I’m including some richer user features. Like on the spot loading of comments and better mobile device support. One of the things I need to figure out during the development is how to use Ajax in WordPress, preferably native support. I know it should be possible, but have yet been unsuccessful to get it working.

So what I’ve been doing is setting up a new action using add_action for the following two action types:

  • wp_ajax_<myaction>
  • wp_ajax_nopriv_<myaction>

According to the documentation that should generate a hook to support both registered users (wp_ajax_<myaction>) and unregistered users (wp_ajax_nopriv_<myaction>). Which sounds great, since my theme should work for both type of users ;-).

On the front-end I’ve created a Javascript method that should call the ajax command using the ‘wp-admin/admin-ajax.php’. With as action parameter the name of my ajax method. So in theory I should be setup correctly to handle ajax, but this is where the theory and actual situation start to differ.

To test my new theme I’ve been using the preview mode of WordPress, after all I don’t want to kill any existing feature or activate the theme before it is done. But for some reason my nicely setup Ajax hooks aren’t working as advertised.

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