My first steps into Android development

By | October 30, 2011

After owning an Android phone for over an year, and using it on daily base, I thought it might be time to look into how easy it would be to start developing for the Android OS. As any good developer I first started reading a bit on how to develop for it, and what requirement’s I would have to meet.

Now I’m not going to be boring you with all kinds of tutorials on how to develop on Android, or give you any other clues on this subject. I just don’t know anything about Android development, well not yet anyhow. But some good reading material to get you on the right path might be:

The only thing I have learned so far is that I don’t really like the way of designing a UI for the Android. It’s just way to basic with XML files describing how the UI should look like. Feels like going back to 1990 when designing a UI was done in code rather then with a UI design tool.

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