Update on the new UI for this blog

By | September 7, 2011

About a month ago I wrote something on creating a new UI for this blog. One that would be lightweight and a lot quicker then the current one. It might seem that I’ve given up on this new UI, but the opposite is true.

It’s been a rather busy couple of weeks since my last update, but work is slowly progressing. So far I designed most of the UI elements, but I ended up in some trouble with the browser compatibility. As any web developer will know it’s a hell to make a website compatible with older browsers, especially the older Internet Explorer versions. And as this is supposed to be a lightweight theme it means I’ll have to rely on as much of CSS3 as possible. Which also means making separate sylesheets for the older browsers to display the content the same way.

So far I’ve built the following features in the new WordPress Theme:

  • Support of the social networks
  • Browser detection to better enable CSS2 / CSS3 features or mobile version
  • Various hooks into the WordPress system to change behaviour of WordPress
  • Design of the various elements of WordPress, being posts / pages and categories

Now I still have a long way to go before the new theme is ready for deployment, but I’m slowly continuing the work on the new theme. Just to give you some insight on how the final version of the theme will look I’ve included some screen-shots of the latest development release.


Even when all the design stuff is done I’ll still have to do some integration of analytics software and the capabilities to show ads. As well as hooking back in all the various plug-ins I’ve been using for WordPress for the past couple of years.

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