Working on a new layout

By | June 8, 2011

It’s been some time since my last post here, and there are several very good reasons for that. I’m currently rather busy trying to rebuild the skin for this blog, as well as several other development projects I’ve got going on right now. One might say I’m taking on more work then I can handle, but I love to be busy I guess. So what am I working on, and what can you be expecting in the time to come here:

  • Redesigning this blog, to bring it up to speed with the latest possibilities from WordPress
  • Building of the UML Design tool that I started on some months ago
  • Defining the specs of a neural algorithm to build a user centric database (more on this to come in the future here)
  • Continued development on the Synchronizer tool, hoping to release version 3.0 soon

And that’s just the work that I do in my rare spare time next to a full-time job.

One thought on “Working on a new layout

  1. Jongerius Post author

    So just a quick update on the new lay-out for this blog. I’m currently working hard on this and have a proof of concept available at Narnio 2.0.

    It is far from complete and currently only tested in Firefox 4.0 / IE 7+8+9, where IE 7 has some style issues.


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