New WordPress skin, Ajax loading vs. Google

By | June 8, 2011

As a major remodeling of this blog is on the way I’m going to try to build it more dynamic and more up to the Web 2.0 standards. So that includes usage of Ajax, JQuery and a more dynamically filled website. But how to build this and keep the Google Analytics working, as well as the search engine indexing. This will be one of my biggest challenges I’m afraid.

Developing a website with JQuery / Ajax and advanced JavaScript prototypes isn’t anything new to me. But having all of these features and still make the site indexable is! So far I’m stuck at the simple point that crawlers don’t support JavaScript, so no go for that part. It looks like I will have to create a module for the WordPress plugin to detect what type of user is visiting the website. Serving the search engines a version that will not use any of the advanced features that normal browsers will support.

Besides the issue with the indexing there is still the task of getting all the pages on the website to be tracked with Google Analytics. Currently that is easy, though the website is dynamic each page is a new request to the server. But using advanced features like Ajax stops that in its tracks. Currently I don’t even know if it is possible to track pages when the actual URL doesn’t change, just the content of the page. If it is possible to do this I would have to build a module to do so.

So after just ranting and brain storming for a few seconds I already found to nice features that would have to be build. Another person might call them serious issues, but I prefer good challenges. At least for the moment I do. Not even mentioning the fact that I have to build a complete new template for WordPress too.

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