Looking for a new HTPC setup

By | April 11, 2011

I love my HTPC, which I build over 5 years ago. Much to my surprise it is still very capable of playing full HD and to some extend even 3D movies. But alas it is time to start thinking about a new smaller setup. Right now I have the Antec Fusion case with a mATX board in it. Which served well over the years.

Unfortunately the design of the mATX in combination with my ATX does not allow me to use the SATA ports properly (they are sorta sticking out to the side and into the case). So the hunt is on again for a new HTPC setup. Well not everything has to be brand new, I have a working digital tuner card as well as a relatively new graphics card for hardware acceleration. So this was my current setup, which I loved:

  • Antec Fusion V2 case
  • Gigabyte  MA69GM-S2H motherboard, a bit old but working (could use replacing maybe?)
  • AMD Athlon XP2 6000+
  • Asus EAH5750 Formula
  • 6 GB Dual channel DDR3 memory
  • Harmony Remote
  • SATA 160 GB Samsung HD
  • FloppyDTV digital tuner card
  • LG Blu-Ray player

So I’m not looking for anything fancy any more. I will be moving at least the FloppyDTV an LG Blu-ray player over to the new case. And preferably the graphics card unless I can find an onboard one with equal performance and HD decoding skills. So what are my new requirements:

  • The case has to be smaller then my current one (I like the Fusion but it is to big for my likings)
  • The system has to be as quite as possible (so minimal fans or big fans moving at low speed)
  • It has to have an IR port to receive the Harmony signal

I’m sorta already stuck, and I’m only looking for a new case so far. Am I the only one looking for a small case for a HTPC that is at least a bit stylish, that does not need to have a display.

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