Skinable drop down box, first release

By | February 11, 2011

Just a few days ago I posted that I started working on a better looking drop down box to replace the select element on webpages. Today the first version is released under the GPL license. You can download it by visiting the plugin page under Plugins Custom Combobox.

This first version includes:

  1. Custom drop down arrows for disabled / mouse over and default combobox states
  2. Ability to change the border styles of the drop down part as well as the combobox itself
  3. Supports translating the following elements in comboboxes:
    1. select element
    2. ul & ol element

Please note: as this is the first release there may still be some bugs in the code, please feel free to contact me if you find any and I will attempt to solve them as quickly as possible.

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