Starting a new project: UML designer

By | October 30, 2010

In my line of work it is required to create a UML diagram every now and then. The problem with that is that there are no good free tools available any more that allow you to do so. There used to be a tool called StarUML, which is really good. Unfortunately it is no longer supported nor being developed.

In the forums of StarUML there was a lot of chatter about setting up a new group to continue where StarUML left off. But I’ve not been able to find any progress on that at all, after 3 years or so. So I took it upon myself to start building my own tool to design UML diagrams, which is a rather big project. Probably the biggest I’ve set out to do so far. At the moment I’m sorta at the stage of designing some basic user interface for the tool (basic prototype only). Once that is done I will look into how to setup the program and start the happy coding :-).

The idea is to do all the development in a combination of C++.NET as well as some older C++ libraries that I already created in the past. After I’m done the program will be released as a freeware application with limited support.

It will probably be a long time before I can release anything useful to the public, as I’m doing this in my spare time. If you are interested then give me a message and I’ll try and keep you updated. If you have some useful ideas then please sent them to me. I’d love any feedback about it.

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