The HTC Desire indepth

By | August 28, 2010

HTC DesireIn a previous post I said I recently got a new phone, the HTC Desire. But since I only had it very briefly I felt it wasn’t the time yet to write about the phone itself. Well know I’ve been playing with it for more then a week so it’s time to write some small article about it.

So I’ve been using HTC phones for several years now and so far I’ve liked every single phone I’ve had. But the Desire was my switch from Windows Mobile to the Android platform, and I was very worried about the switch to say the least.

First impression of the Desire

After switching on the phone for the first time I went through the setup procedure, which is as simple as 1, 2, 3. So thank god for that, it’s a huge step up from Windows Mobile 5.

I have to give HTC one thing, the phone response very well to any time you touch the screen. It’s probably the capacitive screen, but its a whole lot better then what I was used to.  Just after first boot you will probably play around a little with the widgets that are included.

As the Sense interface gives you 7 different tabs that you can put widgets on it will take you some time to configure it to your likings. Which is as much a blessing as a curse, especially in when you are just using the phone for the first time. Luckily the phone comes with several presets for the Sense interface.

My biggest concern was migrating all my data from Windows Mobile to the Android platform. And unfortunately my worries where right. So Google step up to the plate and make migrating from different phone platforms easier. It’s impossible to migrate text messages or call history without doing a lot of manual work.

The good the bad and the ugly

So what’s up with this phone. Is it a good thing to buy or good gift to get ;). Well it sorta depends on what you are expecting. If you want a phone that gives you a lot of access to your social networks, then yeah it might be something for you. If you want something that just enables you to call and send text message, then please don’t waste your money on the Desire.  It’ll do the job but at a high price.

Having said that here are some of the pro’s and con’s of the phone:

Pro’s Con’s
  • Very responsive to touch
  • Well thought out interface
  • Good build quality
  • Tons of applications available for Android
  • Automatic updating over the air
  • Seems to loose 3G connection randomly, and won’t reconnect automatically
  • Very, very expensive at 400+ bucks
  • Crappy FriendStream widget of HTC

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