Mysterious problems with my VPS

By | October 15, 2009

I’ve heard a lot of people always say that you can’t crash/hang or break linux easily. Well then I guess I’m one of the lucky bastards that gets it done. Since a few days the VPS system I’m operating keeps hanging itself up.

Now off course it is not the fault of Linux ;-), but with my very lacking skill. I recently did an apt-get upgrade command on the VPS. To my suprise it started updating with Lenny packages, whilst I could have sworn I have Etch installed. Mystery on its own, but worse yet the server now keeps hanging and breaking.

I figured it was a memory issue at first cause some weird service was installed that was eating it alive. So I de-installed that and it ran fine for a few days. But allas, after 3 days of running the VPS hangs itself up again. When I say hangs-up I mean that I cannot connect using SSH, the mailserver goes down. MySQL and Apache keep running though, as does postfix. So I’m still guessing it is memory, but I have no idea why my configuration is no longer working after running an apt-get upgrade command. Something is really wrong :-(.

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