No HDCP using the Gigabyte MA69GM-S2H onboard card??

By | August 14, 2009

Ok I recently got a very weird problem with my HTPC. Since a couple of days I’ve been unable to play any Blu-Ray disc. Even after updating my PowerDVD to the latest patched version.

Before this update of PowerDVD the weird behaviour was the disapearing of PowerDVD when playing discs. No message no error nothing, just gone! After the update the DVD player informed me that HDCP was not available and it could not play protected Blu-Ray discs.

This sounded weirdt to me since I have played them in the past, and I know the onboard graphics chip (the Ati Radeon X1250) supports it.

As it turns out, after a lot of digging, I had recently installed an updated version of the Catalyst Control Center. Which should not be anything strange, its recommended practice by a lot of software developers. However the graphics chipset on the motherboard appears to have some custom stuff, since after installing the latest version from the Ati site HDCP was no longer supported.

When I reinstalled the version of the Catalyst Control Center that came with the PC all my troubles went away. No more warnings / crashes or unable to play disc reports.

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