A fresh start

By | June 13, 2009

As you may have noticed by the lack of me posting new articles in the past couple of months I have been really busy on a lot of projects. This has caused me to focus on other things then blogging on Narnio (unfortunattely 😥 ).

I will attempt to start posting somewhat more regularly from now on again, as I’ve sorta managed to get some stuff out of the way. One of them is my work on a complete overhaul of a part of the platform that the Zylom site is running on. Well enough of that!

Ok so what have I been up to that caused little posts. One of my new projects was a complete change of the corporate website I have been maintaining. It’s not live yet, but great things are comming for this website. Which also gets me into the next phase of my career, as I am now looking into starting my own company, and it is really a scary thought 8-O.

I will soon start writing some more posts on developing website platforms in both PHP and Java, as I’ve been learning a lot recently for each one of these two languages.