Serious issues with the latest Vista update

By | March 18, 2009

As is normal with Microsoft they released some minor updates a couple of days back for Windows Vista. Since I usually don’t install updates I don’t have a lot of trouble from Microsoft with broken software. However there is one tool that seems to update automatically.

This tool is called Windows Defender, which automatically downloads new definition files every day. That should not be a problem, normally. However the last update caused the file host to be marked as unsafe if modified. Which is a big problem!

Let me tell you why, some programs like MediaPortal and MySql use the alias localhost to connect to their own services. In a normal system you wouldn’t even notice this, but this last update removed the line below from the host file. Thus disabling these applications from connecting succesfully.      localhost

For me this caused MediaPortal to stop functioning, no longer was I able to watch TV or get the schedule. All I got was some obscure System.Net.SocketException from MediaPortal. However after readding the missing line to the host file everything was working again.

So long time fix for the issue, disable Windows Defender.;)

3 thoughts on “Serious issues with the latest Vista update

  1. Firas

    I have a best idea. Instead of using Windows Defender in Vista, use McAfee Total Protection. It has every thing which a computer needs, a virus scan, a firewall, a defender, an update manager, networking manager and many things, ALL IN ONE SECURITY CENTER. Just try it and you will really like it. If you want I can upload it on Rapidshare.

  2. Wonderbra

    McAfee? You’re kidding, right? If you were going to recommend anything, you should have recommended something that actually catches spyware! Lolo

  3. Firas

    No! I am not kidding Wonderbra, really. I think its excellent for a home or personal use. I really appreciate it. If you dont want, then dont buy. Its your wish.


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