Google found a way to crash Internet Explorer

By | December 7, 2008

Ok today I came accross something really weird. I was trying to find information on setting up my own mail server using PostFix. No problem really, just used Google search to find the information.

The strange crashes started happening once I found a page that didn’t contain the information I needed and I hit the back button. Every single time I did this Google crashed my tab with some type of cross scripting warning. Even when IE tried to recover the tab it crashed again. After the second crash IE just said, slightly paraphrased, ‘f*ck it the website keeps crashing go somewhere else instead!’.

So here is the steps to reproduce (as it crashed every single time):

  • Use Internet Explorer 8
  • Have multiple tabs open, I had at least two in a google search result
  • I was logged into personalized search, don’t know if it is relevant but hey you never know
  • Click on of the search results
  • Hit the back button, or the backspace key
  • Presto crasho.

Always fun to see how some javascript can crash a Internet Explorer tab. I am at least presuming it is caused by javascript.

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