Netbeans 6.5 Final Release

By | December 5, 2008

A short while back I wrote a quick review on the beta of Netbeans 6.5 and that it had some issues. Since the final version was released some time ago I thought it was time for a new review. This time of the final version.

The reason for me not to write one straight away was simple, I first wanna play around a little to find all the pleasant features and those less pleasant ones.

Bigger, better, best

The first thing you expect is this new version to be bigger, better and the best one yet. Well it is bigger in size, with 190MiB for just Java development. So this means a lot more time downloading, but hey that’s a one time thing.

So lets move onto something more relevant. Is it better then Netbeans 6.1. Lets summorize some of the issues I had with the previous version and see if the problem is solved:

  1. It crashed when working on larger projects. This issue has been fixed, netbeans won’t crash or hang. Though on occasion the parser may crash. Disabling autocomplete and syntax checking.
  2. For some reason previous versions had difficulty displaying the names of parameters when using Java libraries. For as far as I’ve been able to determine this has been solved.
  3. The autocomplete completely fails in some more complicated web projects. Well I’m sorry to say this is still true. For some projects not only does autocomplete fail, but so does the syntax checker, both for the JSP files as well as the Java Source files.

So are there any other changes that would make you consider moving from Netbeans 5.5 to 6.5?

New stuff you will like in Netbeans 6.5

Well have there been any changes that would make you wanna switch to the new version.

  • The new version actually has some basic debugging integrated of JavaScript. Though I haven’t got it working yet.
  • PHP development is now support. Which is a big plus, but it still kinda feels like a cheap addon that doesn’t work perfectly yet. (Maybe in the next release)
  • Thread debugging has been improved and made easier

Unfortunattely not all is good in the world of Netbeans. There are also some new bugs, some of which are really annoying.

  • For some unexplainable reason adding of libraries by right clicking the ‘Libraries’ in the project view doesn’t work all the time.
  • Like I stated earlier the code completion fails in some of the older Java project I’m working on. Not only does code completion fail, but the syntax checker tells me every single line is wrong. Even though the project compiles beautifully 😉

As a final note: is it worth upgrading to this version. Then I’d have to say hell yeah, it’s a lot better then previous versions. If you are a PHP developer however I suggest not using it, for the moment. Especially when you are already using Zend-Studio, which is still a lot better.

2 thoughts on “Netbeans 6.5 Final Release

  1. Doug Smith

    Hi: I am hoping that someone can tell me why NB 6.5 is having trouble seeing some of my packages. I am using JSP pages which use beans. Most of my pages have no trouble “seeing” these beans which are in a package named javaBeans.classname which is under the folder “source Packages” in the web pages folder of my project. I am getting “package javaBeans does not exist” on the first line of my JSP when I click on the red bullet. I apoligize if this not the right place for this question, but I am new and don’t know where to look.

  2. Jongerius Post author

    Hi Doug. You can always ask a question here related to the post.

    Regarding the incorrect parsing of JSP’s I unfortunately can relate. Every single version of Netbeans I’ve used (from 5.0 to 7.1M1) has some issues with JSP. Sometimes declared variables are not recognized, tag libraries get lost or sometimes the classes are unkown.

    Some of the problems can be solved, especially if you use a lot of segmented JSPs (includes of one JSP in another) by calling the segment a jspf file. This is an option in Netbeans when you create files.

    I hope this somewhat helps solve your problem. If not you could try poking around on the Netbeans site and in their forums.


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