Upgrading the HTC P3300, continued

By | September 13, 2008

After my first post on upgrading the HTC P3300 (Dopod P800 in the US) some time back it’s time for yet another post on this, see ‘Windows Mobile 6 on HTC P3300’.

This time round I’ve been playing around with two seperate versions of custom ROMs for the HTC P3300. The first one I’ve looked at is the ‘Black&Blue 5.0’ ROM, written by Tom. The second one is the ‘Oops Black 1.0’ also written by Tom. If you need information on how to install these ROMs then look at my earlier article and follow those steps, except you don’t install the Windows Mobile 6.0 ROM but one of the two below.

Black&Blue 5.0

Image of ROM  Black&Blue 5.0

Image of ROM Black&Blue 5.0

The main reason for me to use this ROM was that it was build on top of Windows Mobile 6.1. Why was this so important you may think. Well let me list a couple of nice new features in:

  • Better usability with out using the styles
  • A lot faster

Though it’s not a big list the first one was reason enough for me. Finally a Windows Mobile version that I don’t need a styles to operate. Some of the parts I really liked about this ROM was that it was really fast. And even better really stable. I’ve had no problems what so ever using this ROM.

You can download the ROM Black&Blue 5.0 here.

Oops Black 1.0

Image of the Oops Black 1.0 ROM

Image of the Oops Black 1.0 ROM

Like I stated before the second ROM I tested was a relatively new one written by Tom. The base of this ROM is identical to the Black&Blue one. It’s also running on Windows Mobile 6.1 and has more or less the same applications installed. One huge difference is that this ROM is attempting to emulate the Touch Diamond style.

For those of you interested in this please let me give you a warning in advance. The ROM looks a lot like the Touch Diamond, but it’s behaviour is nothing like it. So if you are interested in the eye-candy this ROM is for you. If you want the functionality behind it then buy the new phone.

You can download the Oops Black 1.0 here.

Warning notice: Please note that both of these ROMs have been written by a 3rd party, which means you’r phone operator will not support you if your phone breaks. As to support from HTC they might, but you did modify the phone without approval.

Update 1: I’ve been getting some questions from people that had problems updating the P3300, all of them noted that the file might be corrupt and the update failed. If this happens you don’t need to worry, as long as you installed the USPL first. You should be able to reflash any ROM to the P3300 even if an update fails. If you encounter update failures you could check http://forum.xda-developers.com where you can find a lot of information on the HTC P3300.

8 thoughts on “Upgrading the HTC P3300, continued

  1. Jodache

    Hi, when i try to install it says the rom is corrupt
    Please help

  2. Jongerius Post author

    This is probably because you have not installed the UPSL before installing the ROM. If you install the USPL (you can download it here).

    After installing this try installing the ROM again and it should work.

  3. pittmuir

    I noticed that on your image of the Black&Blue 5.0 ROM that your P3300 has 400MHz processor and more memory than my T-Mobile MDA Compact III. Are they build to these specs out in Australia ? I installed Black&Blue and it’s a little sluggish playing things on Audio Manager. Could you recommend a ROM of WM6.1 that is really basic to give me the best performance? Thanks for all your other info very helpful.

  4. Jongerius Post author

    The images where taken by the creator of the ROM, I presume he used a virtual cell phone to do this. When I ran it I had an unmodified 200 MHz P3300.

    Comparing it with the other ROM’s I tried it was the quickest, even compared to the base WM6.0 install. You could try overclocking the P3300 to 242MHz by using the battery manager. It will make it slightly faster but the batery life will drop. Also you might want to keep a minimum of application’s running at the same time (but that’s true for any version). Every program you start in WM6.1 keeps on running if you press the ‘X’ button.

  5. Jongerius Post author

    Hi Richard, it sorta depends on why it stops. Does it give an error message or does it not upload the ROM to the device.

    If it’s an error message then it’s very likely that you did not install the UPSL software yet. You can get that from here

    What I know from Vista is that it does not use the ActiveSync tool anymore. I know of some people doing it with other devices, you can read it here but can’t give any promise that it will work for the HTC P3300.

    I hope this helps you along a little bit.

  6. Stilian PILI

    Thank you very much!
    The design is so good!I want to know why this rom doesn’t have any windowslive??

  7. Jongerius Post author

    Hi Stilian PILI, I am not quite sure as to which ROM you are referring to but the Oops Black ROM is a minimalistic ROM that does not have a lot of 3rd party software on it.

    But you could always try and install it seperatly.

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