Netbeans 6.5 short follow up

By | August 21, 2008

Ok a very short follow up on my previous Netbeans 6.5 impression. Previously I stated that I had some serious problems with the debugging. It failed to indicate which line I was on.

After some research and some more debugging this only appears to happen when debugging jsp files or jspf files. For a beta that is something I can live with. Beyond that the debugger works like a charm.

I did however found some other issues:

  • Randomly crashes when right clicking in the project view, seems to have something to do with the parsing of the tree that renders the window.
  • You cannot use code completion inside a switch clause. The autocomplete crashes.
  • Random crashes when debugging and selecting static variables for modifying their values in code.

To be fair I have to say I never got Netbeans itself to crash. But you do get an exception window that asks you to file a bug report.

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