Working On WordPress Mobile plugin

By | August 2, 2008

A while back I got some questions if it was possible to create a more mobile friendly version of this blog. Appearantly I have several visitors that are browsing using mobile devices. And I must say my design is not user friendly for them.

Off course they are right, any user should be able to access this blog. Be it from a mobile phone or a computer. So I had to find a way to offer my mobile visitors a better experience. First thing to do that is looking into the plugin library. There are a lot of plugins available for a lot of different things. There had to be some for switching the display to mobile when a mobile device is detected.

And there are. I first tried WordPress Mobile Edition which is pretty good. Big issues I had with it are that it’s not as light weight as I want it to be. And the coding is crappy! But beyond that it does what it’s supposed to.

But me being a developer I decided to write my own little plugin to offer a mobile version of this blog. Fully customizable using templates and settings in the admin menu. I haven’t yet completed the entire design, nor is the admin part working ;). But it’s currently running on this blog :D. If you want to check it out just add ‘?mobile=true’ to any page or visit using your phone.

When I’m done developing the plugin I’ll share with you all how you can write a simple WordPress plugin. I will also publish the plugin for anyone to download, for free!!!

So stay tuned for an update…….

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