Strato Hosting Billing Hell

By | July 25, 2008

As some might know I have been renting a VPS server with Strato hosting for over a year now. But for some reason since last month it’s been a living hell.

I don’t know what is going on with Strato, but for the last two months the automatic debiting on my credit card seems to be failing. Not just failing, but they don’t even attempt to bill the credit card any more. I had some contact with my credit card provider and they informed me that Strato never attempted the billing.

Fun part of this story is that the automatic billing fails, Strato sends you an e-mail with the notification that the billing failed. And arogant as they are charge you an aditional 10 bucks for a problem with their system. When I called them last month they even admitted that they had a problem charging some credit cards. But also assured me that the problem would be solved before the next billing.

Guess that they didn’t think it was important enough to solve. Well suppose I will have to make yet another call to a support agent whose English is very poor to try and find out what the hack is going on.

Oh my final advice. Never do business with Strato Hosting. They seem to have serious problems with the credit card providers. I can guarantee you that I will be looking for a new VPS hosting company.

2 thoughts on “Strato Hosting Billing Hell

  1. Some poor sod with the same problem

    I have been having problems with Strato too. They have been having problems for about 3- 4 months with their billing system and taking credit cards. Their UK bank ,Commerzbank,account is in London its not a branch that handles cash and it costs £25 pounds to telegraph payment to it.

    They have till the 19th August to sort it out.

  2. Jongerius Post author

    I recently had several e-mail threads with them. For as far as I have been told the issue should be with the creditcards only.

    So for me I had them change creditcard payments to debit payments, which is officially not available for VPS packages. Lets hope this solves the issue ;).


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