Synchronizer 2.0 Beta 1

By | April 28, 2008

A long time ago I released an early alpha version of Synchronizer. A tool that can automatically synchronize files between directories. Today it’s finally time for the first beta release. Which fixes a lot of problems people had when using the tool.

One of the first problems reported back to me was that the tool crashed whenever ran with some strange error message. Well appearantly this was caused by the .Net framework, a problem which I solved.

For a quick list of bug fixes:

  • Program no longer requires .Net framework to run, which was a big bug in the early alpha release
  • Logging is a lot more robust and stable, this actually caused some crashes in the past
  • Memory usage is way down, solved a lot of memory leaks
  • Solved a problem that for some systems directories were not created at the destination folder
  • Solved a problem causing synching to mounted network folders to fail

Of course some things have not yet been solved, but are in the works:

  • Multithreaded causes some logging problems and crashes (please be carefull with multithreading at this time)
  • If debug information is enabled the memory usage is huge on large directories, on the Windows directory it rose to 89 MB.

If you find any trouble running it or it crashes on you then let me know, and if at all possible send me the log file created by the tool using the -dd option. That will help me track down the problem.

You can download it by clicking this text.

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