Gadget Time: iRiver Clix 2

By | April 27, 2008

Every time I get a new gadget or some new piece of software I will write something about it. Well this time round it’s the iRiver Clix gen 2.

I’ve been looking into getting a new MP3 player for some time and I looked over the Creative, iPod, Philips and Sony series. But finally I choose for the iRiver Clix gen 2. Why, well I’ll try and explain below.

The main features

Just like all the other players the iRiver Clix 2 is a basic MP3 player that most people will use just for that. So for most the added features aren’t that important. But as it may help you choose I think it is worth to list all of them:

  • Supporting audio formats: MPEG 1/2/2.5 Layer 3, WMA, ASF, WMV9 SP
  • Video support: MPEG-4 SP, Macromedia Flash Lite 2.1, TXT, non-progressive JPEG
  • Display: 2.2″ AMOLED (262K Color, 320×240)
  • Sizes: 2GB. 4GB, 8GB (red ribon edition)
  • FM radio
  • Flash game support
  • Theme support
  • Voice & FM recording (like you’re ever going to use it)

So far for the boring feature list. Lets get into some pictures and talk about what is so great about it.

The looks

First lets get started with some great pictures of the device. Below you can see some pictures that give you an idea what the device looks like. The menu’s and themes I will get into a bit later.

Screenshot of the iRiver Clix 2

Screenshot of the iRiver Clix 2

As you can see of all of the MP3 players it’s one of the better looking. And it is very small, not a lot bigger then a creditcard. Though it is a bit bigger in depth ;).

But the main thing that attracted me to the iRiver Clix 2 was the possibility to change themes, and thus change almost the entire interface of the device. The themes range from popular movies & shows to fantasy. So there is always something to your liking. You can get some themes from the ClixHere website, registration required for downloading. A video on the various themes is included below.

Content of the pack

The Clix 2 comes in a tiny nice box with a lot of stuff. The pack includes the following stuff, all for free 😉

  • A basic head set, producing pretty good quality sound
  • A USB cable to hook it up to the PC
  • Some leaflets and pamflets, I still haven’t read 😉
  • The Clix 2

Once unpacked and after loading the battery you are ready to go and play some music. iRiver has put some movies, music, themes and games on it so you can play with it directly. Below is an image of the box content.

iRiver Clix 2 Box content

iRiver Clix 2 Box content

Sound and FM

Unlike some MP3 players the sound quality of the iRiver series has always been very good. And I’ve had a iPod, PDA and SanDisk Sansa to compare it to. The headset that comes with the Clix 2 is pretty good, but just like all head phones it’s best to get the big studio head phones for the best sound quality.

One thing that truly surprised me was the quality of the FM radio. I travel a lot which means that I listen FM radio a lot. And unfortunately this also means swapping the channel every so often because the radio frequency is lost. I was pleasantly surprised that the Clix 2 has a very stable and good radio receiver build in. A whole lot better then the SanDisk Sansa player I used before.

Though the sound is very good the recorder is very poor. And with this I mean that in order to stop recording you need to hit the buttons. But hitting the buttons makes a very loud sound in the recording. Something you don’t want. But to be honest why would you buy a MP3 player as a voice recorder ;).

Ease of use

Another thing that struck me straight away is the how easy it is to use the Clix 2. The four main navigation buttons are integrated in the screen. By pressing the left, right, top or bottom of the device you navigate through the various menus.

To make it even easier the volume, lock, power and quick access have seperate buttons on the side of the device. Let me explain something about the quick access button. You may want to jump to a specific menu instantly. Well this is something you can set the quick access button to do.

Syncing with the PC

One of the most important things of any good MP3 players is easy synchronizing between the PC and the device. Well the Clix 2 is no exception. You can use Windows Media Player 10/11, iTunes or Winamp to put music and movies on the device.

You could also choose to do it using the windows explorer, but then the ID3 tag information isn’t used to build a library. This means you can only use folder browsing to play files. So I don’t advice this method of putting music files on the Clix 2.

The good thing is you don’t need any drivers and the computer will automatically detect and setup the device in Windows once you connect. That is if you have a working cable, because the one I got with the Clix 2 wasn’t working. But that wasn’t to big of a problem since they use a standard USB to mini USB cable.

It is even possible to synchronize the Clix 2 with Rhapsody or other DRM protected songs, but you do need to install a different firmware on the device. You can download this from the iRiver website.

3 thoughts on “Gadget Time: iRiver Clix 2

  1. Paul Q

    The Clix 2 has been great but the battery life is now “zero” hours. I’ve bought replacement battery, but how do you get into the Clix 2? This is essential knowledge if you are expecting to enjoy the iRiver on an ongoing basis!

  2. Jongerius Post author

    Well unfortunately I don’t think you are supposed to change the battery yourself. There is very little information on how to do this.

    I can’t help you a lot further anyhow since the damn thing of mine has a crack in the display now. So I had to throw it out. Keep in mind to not ever put your Clix 2 in a backpack, cause it is likely the screen will get damaged.


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