Expressing your dislikes to your employer

By | April 2, 2008

One of the most complecated things in live is when you are no longer happy with the job you have to do. In this situation you can do one of two things. The first option is leave, there are plenty of employers out on the market and switching jobs is not that difficult. Another option is to try and explain why you are no longer happy.

I myself became less happy with the work place I had to work in. I no longer trusted my direct suprivisor because of false promises and the management, or rather lack thereof. I could have easily taken the first option, and may still do so. But I’ve decided to first give the suprivisor and the company a change.

What I am doing is having a talk with them about my problems with the job that I have right now. You might ask why not just leave. It’s probably the American way, thank god I’m not in America. Besides I do like the working environment. Hopefully this will solve the problems, but either way it’s best to first try and work it out.

If it doesn’t work out at least I can explain to any company asking why I left that I gave it a fair shot, which will probably help with getting a new job as well.

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