Upgrade to WordPress 2.5

By | March 30, 2008

ScreenshotAs some of you may know WordPress is one of the most popular blogging packages out there. Many websites offer it, in fact this entire website is running on WordPress.

One of the things I am always very carefull and slow in is upgrading to a newer version of WordPress. One of the main reasons is because I always hack in the code of WordPress to add some neat custom features. But a couple of days back I heard that there was an entirely new version available for download, namely WordPress 2.5

I decided today to attempt and upgrade WordPress. And to my suprise after uploading all the files the website still worked. No error pages, no crashes or weird lay-out issues. Can’t believe it, every time I upgraded in the past the website looked like shit. And I had to rewrite most of the theme to get it working again.

Only after I logged in to the admin section I got a warning that my database was out of date and needed updating to the new version. Which again was smooth sailing, no errors at all. I got to say that I really like the new look of the admin section. It’s a lot more clear and clean!

So if you are working with WordPress and haven’t upgraded yet it’s sure worth the effort and time. A lot of things have improved!

PS: do backup your files and database before upgrading, you never now what may go wrong 😉

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