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By | January 31, 2008

As you may have noticed over the past few days I’ve been posting slightly less then usual. Well this has to do with the simple reason that I’ve been having trouble with my internet connection.

Every time I got my router up and running again the connection failed. Strange thing was that when I connected the ISP modem directly to my laptop the internet worked. So I knew it had something to do with my router (a WRT54G v5.1).

I tried everything. Changing every setting, even revering to the factory settings. But nothing seemed to solve the problem. One thing I couldn’t change was the fact that I had to set the IP address of the router manually. For some reason the DHCP wasn’t working with my router.

I was ready to throw out the old router and buy me a new one. That was until I was given a hint that it might be solved by flashing the router with new software. So I tried it, of course I had to first find me some kind of manual explaining how on earth to do this.

I found a tutorial on Bitsum that was posted not so long ago. I decided to go with DD-WRT, using the following files:

All of these files can be found at the bitsum page, but for backup reasons you can download them from Narnio as well. The entire tutorial is on the Bitsum page, but here are the cliff notes.

  1. Upload vxworks_prep_v03.bin to the router using the web interface. After this power cycle the router (unplug it and then plug it back in again)
  2. Now point your browser to, their should be a different firmware update page. Upload the vxworks_killer_g_v06.bin. Wait for a success message and power cycle again.
  3. Now use TFTP to upload dd-wrt_micro_generic.bin to the router (IP address
  4. After this your router is ready for reconfiguration. The default username/password is root/admin

If you experience any problems there are plenty of suggestions here.

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