Day 1 after the migration

By | October 19, 2007

As you may have noticed in my last entry I’ve migrated our database system from SQL Server 2000 to a new physical server and to MS SQL 2005. And as usual no matter how well you test something always goes wrong.

Everything started out ok yesterday, sure we killed the website by trying to place a constraint in place for the migration. But those are just minor details ;). To be honest I only had one problem during the entire migration and that was during the restoring of an internal database, so nothing critical.

It was strange however, that after performing a restore the database did not come out of the RESTORING state. Googled a bit, found out that it is a known issue when you use the WITH NO RECOVERY option. So restored it again without that and it worked fine.

Unfortunately the real problems always have a way of showing themselves after you go home. Preferably in the middle of the night. And last night was no different. At midnight (ECT) our live database server crashed. Apparently MS SQL 2005 has a known tendency to ask more memory then physically available on the server, at least if you don’t set a constraint on the server. And just to make live even more complicated our CUBE processing failed and we had 3 issues with a payment service provider.

I really hate Fridays…….

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