Setting up Windows Mobile 6 on HTC p3300

By | September 7, 2007

Today I will be sharing with you how to install windows mobile 6 on your p3300. But first a disclaimer. It is possible to brick your phone if the upgrade is done incorrectly or tried on a device without at least 50% battery power. If you brick it you can try and send it in for repair.

First get going by downloading the Windows Mobile 6 ROM. Please note that this one used below is the official HTC ROM released for Japan, Australia and other eastern countries, but it is english.

  • Download the USPL here, the upsl will be used to unlock the device for the upgrade. This is a critical tool!
  • Download the Windows Mobile 6 ROM here. This is the official ROM released by HTC for the eastern parts of the world (don’t worry it’s in english)

Getting started
Before you even attempt to upgrade to Windows Mobile 6 please make sure of the following things:

  • Your battery is at least 50% full, otherwise you may brick your device
  • You have Active Sync installed and the icon of it is green, which means it is connected to your device.
  • You have an unbranded version of the P3300, it may also work on branded ones but I haven’t tested it.

Installing UPSL
The first thing you will need to install is USPL, if you’ve done so already you can skip this step. Here’s what to do:

  • Connect your device to the computer
  • Make sure it’s properly connected and Active Sync recognizes it (battery must be at least 50%!!)
  • Run start_uspl.exe to initiate the upgrade process.
  • Walk through the steps of the application that pops up. Do not disconnect the device during the upgrade or it will end up bricked.
  • You’re done 🙂

Upgrading to Windows Mobile 6
Now that UPSL is installed you can install Windows Mobile 6 on your device. Please make backups of all files on your device before proceeding. During the upgrade all of your settings will be erased.

Just follow these steps:

  • Backup all critical files of your P3300 to your computer
  • Write down all settings related to GPRS or you’ll loose them
  • Connect the device and make sure the battery is not below 50%
  • Run RUU_Artemis_DOPODASIA_WWE_3.7.707.1_4.1.13.30_02.69.90_Ship.exe to start the upgrade
  • Follow all the instructions on screen
  • You’re done

Congratulations you’ve just joined the group of Windows Mobile 6 users. If you received a message about incompatibility during the upgrade you did not install USPL first!

If you got problems during the upgrade then post them, I’ll try to help where ever I can.

Note: Comment posting is disable since I threw my P3300 away and no longer have any updates to give

24 thoughts on “Setting up Windows Mobile 6 on HTC p3300

  1. Sajid Hussain

    Thanks very much indeed for the team of enginners regarding the windows mobile problem resolving and also one again thanks for this usefull website and its fully usefull links.
    I have upgrade my HTC P3300 to Windows Mobile 6
    But now I have face problem with GPS and internet.can you please guid me How I can resolve this problem.

    Best Regard,

    Sajid Hussain

  2. Jongerius Post author

    Hi Sajid. For configuring the Internet you should open the Settings->Connections->Connections. You can add or change settings for the GPRS.

    Hit ‘Manage Existing Connections’ to see if you have one setup and if the settings correspond with the settings provided by your mobile operator.

    If these settings are correct you might also want to look at the ‘GPRS Settings’ tool in the connections page. Here you can change between PAP and CHAP authentication. Most european operators support CHAP, but outside of Europe that may be different.

    For mail you might also have to set the connection as your default connection. You can do this during the setup of the mail account on the P3300. The Internet Explorer will always attempt to use the default connection to go online.

    I hope this helps you a bit.

  3. sebastian

    hi Jongerius,I just got my HTC P3300 but i bought it in Russia.the windows is in russian language.I hardly understand it,but i could manage it.I’ll be happy if i could use it in english.May you help me to change it to english version?Is this upgrade would help it?Thanks in advance.

  4. Jongerius Post author

    Hi Sebastian. For as far as I know you can apply the exact same steps as described above to any P3300. The orignal language of the windows does not matter.

    But be sure to first install the UPSL, or everything will go wrong. This UPSL will enable you to install any ROM on it.

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  6. Aflah

    Hi there,

    I’m running Windows 6 on my HTC Touch. I face a lot of memory issues and am wondering if it is possible to format and install the OS on the Storage Card (which is 2GB)?

  7. Jay


    I want to install customized ROMs on my mobile. I understand that changing ROM void warranty of the device. Is there any way where we can backup the original ROM and reinstall whenever required. So that, if i want to seek support from the company, i can reinstall the original one.
    I am in India and I have following ROM by default on HTC P3300 handset
    ROM version: 3.7.707.1 WWE
    ROM date: 6/21/07
    Radio version: 02.69.90
    protocol version:
    ExtROM: 3.6.707.101

  8. kshitij

    hi im from India.i checked the website when it was upgrading for free , but when i put in the serial i couldnt upgrade it said the software wasnt for my phone though im using the P 3300.can i yet install this file you have put up??

  9. Jay

    Hi.. Thanks for the info.. but i need HTC ROM 3.7.707.1 WWE

  10. Jay

    To kshitij: Check the website, it could be the webiste. There is no ROM available in india portal. I have also checked with their techsuport but no avail.

  11. pittmuir

    many thanks – worked like a charm on my T-Mobile MDA Compact III

  12. Haris

    I tried to install the USPL but the Rom Updater said that the battery is not fully charged and is under 50% while the battery was charged fully at 100%. Can you tell any alternate way to install it?

  13. Jongerius Post author

    Hi haris, I looked into it some that is why it took a bit longer.

    I myself have never experienced this problem before, but I do know of issues installing USPL when you have a memory card installed that is larger then 2GiB. I also know that there are problems when you try to install from Windows Vista. For the latter there is currently no known solution.

    If the first is true then you might want to remove your memory card during the upgrade.

    Please note: I did not create the UPSL nor the ROM’s, I’m willing to help where I can but harldy claim to have all the answers.

    If this still does not solve your problem you could try the to find a solution. It’s a community with both developers and users of custom ROMs.

  14. rod

    Why there’s no Wifi & Tomtom (GPS) Navigator? Pls. help. thanks.

  15. Jongerius Post author

    The ROM on this page is the US version, in the US they never released a bundle with Tomtom. So you will have to get it elsewhere I’m affraid.

    As for Wifi it should work just fine with the provided ROM.

  16. dani

    i am very glad after geeting the informatin from you people are doing nice job.
    i am also here for solving one problem that i am facing right now.
    my htc p3300 mobile is not opening always become hang on startup on green screen.i tried so much but it does,nt work.please help me in solving this problem.and tel me how can i troublshoot this problem.or how can i instal new window while mobile is not opening.
    best regards

  17. Talha

    I am from Saudi Arabia and want to upgrade my HTC P3300 which is in Arabic Region. I have downloaded the USPL and the ROM Upgrade, but when I start installing it, sometimes it says that the region is not supported and sometimes it say that the mobile is not connected to the computer. Can you please tell its solution. The ROM Upgrade Utility does not go ahead instead.
    Here are my specifications:

    Operating System: Microsoft Windows Vista Home Basic
    Mobile Device: HTC P3300 with Windows Mobile 5
    Version: Arabic Region

  18. Talha

    Ya. One more question. When I install the USPL, so there comes a black screen in my P3300 with Haret written on it, I have to soft reset the device again. So is this correct that I do a soft reset. If no so please tell me another way. Please!Please.
    Talha, Saudi Arabia

  19. Jongerius Post author

    Hi Talha, you should not manually have to reboot your P3300. During the installation of UPSL it will reboot the P3300. But it should do so automatically.

    Please note that the installation of USPL does not change the ROM. It just enables you to do so.

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