Synchronizer v2.0 Alpha Released

By | August 21, 2007

After a few days of hard work I can say that we finally released a new version of the synchronizing tool. For those who don’t know what it is. I created a small tool in 2005 to keep the contents of two directories in synch.

After 2 years I’ve completely rewritten the tool, which is why I’m still releasing in the alpha phase at this time. So what can it do:

  • Copy new files into a backup location
  • Copy changed files in the source location to the backup
  • Create directories when they are missing in the backup location
  • Work multithreaded, or not (pending on what ever you like)
  • Use very little system resources

If you want to test it out then download it here, by the way it’s free. If you find any problems then please report them to me. I love to improve tools like this whenever I can.

Update 1:
I’ve been told that the application fails to run on some systems. Especially with older Windows versions.  I’ve been looking in to this and your able to solve it by first installing the C++ 8 runtime libraries. Which you can download here, english version.

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