My Latest Gadget, The HTC P3300

By | August 20, 2007

[singlepic=257,151,227,watermark,right]Normally I don’t write to much about new stuff or gadgets I get. Well no longer.  And my first little post is going to be about the new phone I got. When I say phone I’m understating what the device can do.

Why is it an understatement to say it’s just a phone. Well lets list some of the HTC p3300 features:

  • 2 MP camera (not the best quality though)
  • Windows Mobile 5
  • FM Radio Player
  • GPRS, WiFi, WAP 2.0, Bluetooth 2.0 and build in GPS receiver
  • TomTom 6 application (one city map free)
  • Backup software
  • Easy connection manager
  • Track ball for easy navigation
  • A spare tyris, which may come in handy

And of course all of the default Windows Mobile features are also included. Oh and last but not least it’s a phone. So yes you can make phone calls with it.

In the box you’ve got some all the basics you need to get started, buy an additional microSD card though. That’s not included ;(!

What’s my first impression. Well I like it, granted the touch keyboard is a little small but it works great. The phones mic and speaker quality is not bad.

Some more pictures:

One thought on “My Latest Gadget, The HTC P3300

  1. Firas

    Hi Jongerius. I want to ask that the PDA you got is new or old because I also want the same one as its design is superb. I’ve read about it and its specification and its great.


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