Playing around with a new server

By | July 19, 2007

I recently purchased a new hosting package. For two reasons, the one I had was shared hosting which on its own already has some downsides.  The second reason was the limited amount of disk space.

I’m now free of everything! No just kidding. I choose for a VPS (Virtual Private Server). Why? Well I love full control over my own little part of the Internet. And now I’ve finally got it.

So in the near future you may see some article’s about my trouble with a VPS. Or you may notice some changes to this blog. Since I moved it to the new server to increase loading speeds even further.

Some of the things I already played with, articles following. I promise!

  • Configuration of Apache 2.0 (Apache 2 was already installed)
  • Installation / Configuration of PHP
  • Installation and creation of MySQL, which is not as easy as I’d hoped
  • Log file rotation, haven’t quite got this working yet 😉
  • AwStats configuration and installation (Wahoo stats again)

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