The Art Of White labeling

By | June 30, 2007

One of the most common misconceptions in the world of webdevelopment is that white labeling is time consuming and a big waste of times. If you build a website the last thing you think about is whitelabeling.

But as soon as you start getting partners interested then you will need to offer them your information or services. For example if you run a website about games, and offer games for sale or webgames you may get partners that are interested in offering your games on their site.

Why white label
Lets first start of why, at least preparing for, whitelabeling is important. These partners will want their users to watch the content in the style they set out for the website. They are not interested in your views on how their website should look. I mean would you be!

Being able to offer the content in their style will make it easier to get them as a client.

How to white label
Well there are a few the things to keep in mind when creating your base white label. I’ll try and list them below, but don’t think it’s complete.

  • Use CSS everywhere to define the style and layout of your default white label ‘skin’. This will help making custom styles and layouts for each partner easy!
  • Avoid using tables for layout purposes. It’s very difficult to change the layout of a website if it is fixed by tables, not impossible but far from easy.
  • Separate your HTML part of the website from the logic. Might not seem important but it’s a bitch to build all of your code over and over rather then just the HTML parts.

One of the easiest why to white label a bit is simply changing the stylesheet. By doing so you can modify the entire style of the website. Will look like magic to your clients, trust me!

If they are a bit more demanding you may have to create an entire new set of front-end webpages. But since you separated logic from webpages it will not require you to do a lot of work. All you need is some logic that decides which webpages to use for which partner. Which is not rocket science.

So why don’t you all give it a try, and if you fail at first. Well just don’t give up. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask them.

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