Friday Afternoon Dip

By | June 8, 2007

Today is a bad day. I’m not kidding. Really…..

Most times the beginning of the weekend (which is how I prefer to see a friday) is a quite day. Mostly by my choosing, as you slowly burn all of your energy during the rest of the week.

This friday started out the same. I planned lightly to avoid a lot of work :). That way I usually get enough to fill my hours twice. Once through planning and once through all the rush jobs. But this time I got far more rush jobs then normal.

  • Disable this part of the online system (granted it didn’t work, but still :))
  • Build a new feature to make it easier to activate the games soled. (fun but unplanned :()
  • Run some test
  • And the last and most hated. Fill out your epraisal of half a year ago, I hate epraisals.

All of this caused me to be cranky. And I hate being cranky!

Lets hope the weekend is better.

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