NetBeans 6.0 a first look

By | May 12, 2007

I’ve started playing around with the newest version of Netbeans lately. Now after a few  weeks I think it’s time to write a little article about the new stuff, some of which I like and some of which I don’t

Why wait so long
You might be wondering why I’ve waited so long before writing the first article about the newer version. Well pretty simple. First of it’s still in development so I’m not expecting to much. And the second reason is that when you write something you’d better do it good.

Which in my case means using it for several weeks before dissing it. And now that I have lets see what it brings us.

Looks similar behaves different
First things first. If you’ve worked with older versions of Netbeans you’ll notice that the appearance hasn’t changed much. Could be a good thing, but then again if you hated the interface originally you will probably still do so now.

Enough about what is the same, after all that’s not really interesting now is it!

So let’s get on to the biggest change I found straight away. Netbeans 6 is better equipped to work with SVN. Which for me is a big plus as we work with that at work. In the previous version you could do some basic things. But now you can see which lines were modified in the file and what the modifications are. Did I already mention that I like that!

Threaded debugging improved
Another thing I sorta like is a minor change in debugging. When you are debugging a web project that has some threaded functions you encountered problems in the past. At least I did. If you mistakenly had a breakpoint at a line within the threaded part you would get interrupted during your debugging session. Netbeans simply jumped to the other breakpoint.

No longer. If a breakpoint is hit whilst in a different thread then the one you are debugging you get a nice warning. Asking you if you want to jump to the thread or continue debugging. Seriously this is so much better!

Is it all good or not
Just like with any new version a lot of problems get solved. But not all is good. I found that the autocomplete is so slow that it’s annoying. I even considered disabling it all together, but couldn’t find any way of doing that. It’s also sorta unstable. Take it from me it won’t crash, but you will get a lot of NullPointerExceptions.

Now I’m willing to accept that for the moment as it is still a development version. So lets wait to see what the finished product will bring.

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