Importance of Consistancy

By | April 28, 2007

When visiting a website of a company, wether corporate or commercial, you may sometimes have had the feeling that something just isn’t right. Can’t quite put your finger on it, but you do notice it. Well in many cases this has to do with the text of the website (sometimes graphics as well, but not in this article :)).

So what is it you noticed. Is the text wrong. Does it not appeal to you. Or do you simply don’t like what they say. Maybe even all of the above. It really doesn’t matter since any would drive you away from the website. What does matter is why did it feel off.

Discovery of the problem
In most cases you will have found one simple problem. The creator of the website forgot to keep his audience in mind when writing all of the text. Or maybe he didn’t even consider you part of his audience (bad him ;)). But what does this mean to conversions of that website. Well for one you will be unlikely to buy anything because you probably don’t trust it completely.

Knowing that text could cause problems with your targetted audience what is it that makes the text on a website right. Well the following list could make a text unattractive for your readers.

  • Wrongly using complicated words,
    Using difficult words may be hot in your niche, but it won’t attract the John Doe from the street. Most of them don’t even understand what they are reading. Something that won’t help you selling products to them. Always keep your audience in mind when writing texts.
  • Using he, she, you incorrectly,
    This is especially important in other languages then English. If you look at German for example they have ‘Sie’ or ‘du’ which both means you in English. But one is polite and the other isn’t. Make sure you know which your audience prefers and stick with it. Don’t do half with ‘Sie’ and the other have with ‘du’.
  • Missing call to action,
    One of the most common mistakes is that the text doesn’t tell your visitors to actually do something. If you want them to buy something don’t stop at how good it is. Also inform them of how to buy it (and don’t use ‘Buy now’, thats just wrong in so many levels).
  • Annoying calls to action,
    On the other end of the scope is a to agressive call to action. This will rub your visitors the wrong way. Making them anger or dislike you. Both not good things if you still want them to buy.

Solving the problem
If you know the problem then you can solve it. Right…..

Well not necessarily. The problem may be a bit more complicated. You may not know your audience well enough. Prehaps your audience has changed over time. So make sure to keep updating your information about the visitors of your website.

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