How One Small Delay Can Have Huge Impact

By | April 25, 2007

In my company the developers work on quite some projects at once. Which isn’t that strange, it happens everywhere. Anyway, I currently have a very simple problem. I’ve been working on a lot of projects with dependencies on each other. For one of these updates I had to get some new text, which means going to our copywriter to get it and then having it translated. Now that I’ve completed all of my developer work I was kinda hoping to get everything live quickly.

Now here comes the problem. Appearantly the e-mail about the texts got lost. I’ve requested the texts two weeks back, but since I didn’t hear anything from the copywriter I decided to check. She never got the e-mail, which means nothing happened. Problem is that I can’t close the update until I have the text. Even worse is that I can’t do any work without closing at least some of the updates.

See my problem! So for the past couple of days I’ve been very bored. Trying to do some documenting and helping out others only gets you through so many hours of the day. Worst part of it is that I now need to wait probably another whole week on the translations.

What to do with all that time, when I still have to look like I’m working :).

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