Netbeans 5.5 Developing Problems

By | February 23, 2007

When the first version of Netbeans 5.5 was released a few months ago I decided to give it a try. Lots of enhancements were promised. Nothing but problems, that was what it gave me! At first I blamed it on the beta, stupid me should never use beta software. Especially when it’s free.

A week back or so I choose (again stupid me :() to test if the final release was a bit better. The problem that kept coming forth was that for some reason my web projects started crashing, or more accurately put on of its libraries in charge of reading settings. We never had this problem with Netbeans 5.0 nor on any live environment. What’s even weirder is the fact that it doesn’t happen in all of the projects using that specific setting library and it doesn’t happen all the time.

So in a ditch all effort I tried dozens of solutions. From throwing away the project folder, which seemed to work initially, to deleting the Catalina home of Netbeans. This last thing forces Netbeans to reinitialize Catalina. All the solutions worked, for a little while that is. After a few debug sessions the problems returned.

Then alas it came to me. I noticed they had changed the version of Catalina from 5.5.9 to 5.5.15 (god only knows why). In a final effort I threw away the new Catalina and bound the old one of Netbeans 5.0 to Netbeans 5.5 for a quick test. And sure problem solved!

I don’t know who the genius is that decided to ‘upgrade’ to version 5.5.15 of Tomcat (running on Catalina engine), but it cost me almost two days to fix the damn problems.

One thought on “Netbeans 5.5 Developing Problems

  1. sindhu

    i am sindhu i saw u in netbeans community
    plzz can u help me

    i installed netbeans5.5 version but wen i am choosin a web application and then creating a servlet , it is asking me for the name of the servlet.I am entering the name and clicking Next…..
    And then it goes to Configure Servlet Deployment and stops there…..
    Then i closed it bcoz for a long time also its not getting created..Then at the very bottom right corner a red button (in the form of circle)
    is getting highlighted…wen i click tat it shows me java.lang.reflect.Invocation TargetException

    And wen i am copying the netbeans from cd to my PC it shows me “cannot copy org-netbeans-modules-editor :Invalid MS-DOS function”
    Wat shd i do
    plzz help me ..


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