Using Google Sitemaps

By | February 21, 2007

The Google Sitemap tool has been around for a while now. It allows you to make an XML file with all the pages on your website in it. According to Google it’s supposed to help you get indexed faster and better.

Just recently I read a post that adviced against using this service. Now I’ve always been a sceptec in other peoples advice, especially when it comes to SEO. But they do make several points.

A clipnote version would be:

  • You don’t know if you have indexing / linking problems
  • Pages that aren’t worthy may be included in the index, which again prevents you from finding out they aren’t worthy
  • Search engines loose the natural way of flowing through the web

I think they are right on all of these points. You can use the sitemaps to check the indexing status of you’re website, but I wouldn’t submit a XML file with all my pages to it. That will only work against me in finding potential problems.

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