Working On Quick Changing Tasks

By | February 15, 2007

Lately the amount of post has dropped a bit, as you may have noticed. Part of that is due to the hectics at work. Nothing bad just a lot of meetings and late nights. So today just a quickie about how flexibility is good in programming, but can also cause increase stress.
In a normal week I try to work on a few tasks, prioritized by day and then further as the day begins. This way I sorta know what’s going to happen in the week. Unfortunately business live is never that simple! At the start of the week our payment provider had downtime. So I was kindly asked (instructed) by the management to calculate our loses during that time. No problem, except it took me about half a day. There goes the planning for that day!

On Tuesday I had made plans to do some bug fixing in one of my projects, needs to happen on occasion. But as usual I got a question related to my database responsibilities on modifying a table. To keep a long story short it added another high priority task to my list, which needed immediate investigation! Another day down the drain in my scheduled tasks.

For Wednesday and Thursday I had meetings with a guest from one of the other branches of our company. Which was a good change from the hectic of the week up to that point. Just like the first few days of the week, even more problems. One of the tests we had started began returning impossible results which had to be explained. Another half day gone. And on top of that today our payment provider experienced even more down time. So my Friday is probably gone as well.

Ah well at least we’re going to celebrate carnaval tomorrow, that will bring some relief.

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