Don’t Like The Code, Do Something About It

By | January 19, 2007

All developers sometimes get an assignment to modify an already existing program over and over again. Over time that leads to unreadable and badly designed code. Which is a nightmare and is being b*tched about a lot.

I recently had the same problem. I had to modify a class that did some checks to determine if software was allowed to start-up or perform specific tasks. Well I took a look at the code and said forget it. It’s a complete mess.

Now I have only myself to blame, I wrote the entire code (and all updates that were required). To solve it I made the first wise decision in a long time:). Forget the code change for a while. Instead I made the choice to first refacter the entire class.

Making more functions, more comments and a shipload more sense. It may sound like a counter productive thing to rewrite code, but it safes a lot of time in maintenance!

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