Linux And Its Lack Of Support

By | January 16, 2007

Since recently I’ve made the switch to Fedora, as you may have read in the posts earlier this week. Then I had some problems with bridging two network cards, still do actually. Today it’s time to bitch about Fedora in general and it’s lack for the most basic tasks.

I love downloading information from newsgroups, which under Windows is no problem. No shortage of tools (NewsBin, NewsLeecher, Grabit, etc). But in Fedora I spent at least 2 hours finding a newsgroup client. And when I gave up and decided to use a command prompt one called nget it was hell.

It’s just not feasible to download articles from a newsgroup with a command prompt client. First having to search though thousands of lines finding the article you want and then manually downloading it. (Really starting to hate Linux :-S)

Another problem I encountered was with a website. It uses flash to load in some movies, movies that I like to see. Now in Windows with Firefox that was no problem. Loaded the page, clicked the movie and presto. In Fedora it’s a whole different story. Loaded the page, clicked the movie to start playing and gone! I literally mean Firefox just disappeared, went AWAL.

Did I mention how much I hate Fedora and Linux in general!

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