Switching to Fedora?

By | January 12, 2007

When I came into the world of computers it was with MS Dos 6.1. From which I graduately moved towards Windows 2003 and Windows XP, which up until now I’ve been using. Lately I had some problems with spam being sent from my PC without my approval due to a configuration error in Windows (all my fault though :(). Because of this I decided to move this computer to Fedora Core 6.

But what a hell it is. Configuring thousands of different applications in different conf files, maintaining my mind and not freaking out if all hell breaks out. Previously I didn’t think it was worth the switch to Linux because it is to much of a hassile. Now I just know it’s not worth it. I’ve been working for over 5 hours just to get a network bridge up, which I still haven’t even after exploring various options like bctrl.

Not to mention I still have to install proper codecs for MP3 and AVI. Damn it’s almost wanting me to go back to the Windows OS.

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