Google Sitemaps Improved

By | December 20, 2006

I’ve been using Google Sitemaps for a while to keep track of how my site is doing. Not in rankings, but in crawlabillity and errors. For the past month I haven’t had to much time to watch the stats on the Sitemaps website. But today I did. And to my suprise they improved it.

I think some of the best improvements I noticed were:

  • Abillity to set the crawl-speed, don’t know if it works but it’s a good feature if googlebot keeps hammering your webservers.
  • The averages of download speed, page size and number of pages indexed per day (not really useful but fun to see anyway :))

Now there are still somethings that could be improved. Like the fact it keeps reporting a broken page on my website, but fails to tell me which one.

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