The Tough Road of Designing Websites

By | November 27, 2006

I’ve recently been re-designing the MovServDex website, which won’t be a complete redesign rather some tweaking here and there. But I’ve come across the one part of webdevelopment I keep having trouble with. Creating an interesting and effective design for my visitors.

Don’t get me wrong I sometimes have very good ideas on how to improve the design so visitors are happier. But not always :(. So this time round I’ll hope to include the following in the design:

  • Having all pages easily accessible,
    which means that a visitor should be able to find any page on the website with any of the most popular browsers (not as easy as it may sound)
  • Make sure the navigation is clear,
    in the past my navigation wasn’t as useful as I hoped. So this time I’ll spend some time listening to my visitors and how they prefer to navigate through the website.
  • Get a graphical designer involved 🙂
    I’m not kidding! I had problems with designing images in the past, so why screw it up even further. If you can get a graphical designer to help you then do!

So why am I sharing this with you? Simple I need more input. I know enough to design a good and stable backend system. Which will provide the information to the website, but the actual graphics and lay-out is another thing.

I do have some experience in designing but I could still use help. So if you now of any other things I should keep track of in my redesign then don’t hastate to comment.

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