Should Blogs Be Part of Your SEO Strategy

By | November 21, 2006

It’s been a while since I posted something about optimizing your website for search engines. So to continue my trend, and help you all a little, here’s the next article.

In the past I’ve talked about how to do some small optimizations on your website and how you can track your successes. Now it’s time to look at if and how you can raise rankings by using a blog. I now that there are a lot of SEO companies that claim to use blogs to do just that, but is it possible??

Having a blog can definitely be a positive experience for your users. It gives them the change to share their thoughts. Gives them some more insight into your company or goals. But does this also mean increased rankings.

After all now you’ve started a competition between your blog and your website. You want your website to rank good, but will the blog start to outrank your website. It’s likely to! Especially when you start optimizing it. And corporate blogging is even more difficult, as is explained in ‘A Lot of People Have to Die for Corporate Blogging to Succeed’.

Are you still interested in starting a blog. Then read ‘Optimizing blogs for the Search Engine’ written by Shari Thurow for some pointers on how to optimize it. I also suggest you read the article ‘Email vs. Blogs’, which will help you in what to write and what not to.

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