More Netbeans Trouble

By | November 8, 2006

As some of you may remember I’ve posted about some of my Netbeans problems in the past and a quick follow up. I guess it’s time for a new follow up, well not exactly but more about that a bit later. In the past I’ve had problems with flickering and the ignorant auto complete. Most of these problems were fixed when I installed Netbeans 5.5.

You noticed how I use most. That’s because I’ve still got problems with Netbeans when I’m switching between applications. Which I do a lot! Every now and then it stops drawing, only way to fix it is forcing it to draw everything. If you experience this problem try scaling the Netbeans window, seems to help.

I personally have no problem with this ‘feature’. What I do mind is the stupid debugger of Netbeans.


Well I’ll let you in on a little secret, guess it’s story time. I work a lot with web applications. Netbeans can build them and debug them pretty good. As long as you don’t start messing with the defaults that is. For easy deployment we compile all web applications to jar files. This also means I have to use these jar’s when I’m running a local copy for debugging and testing.

What we found out recently is that the Netbeans debugger can’t debug the jar file that belongs to the web application you are debugging????

So when you compile your classes, put them in a jar using the build script and then deploy and debug the project it won’t debug correctly. Netbeans will stop neatly on break points, but stepping through the code is impossible. It just steps to the first included jar it finds.

You might say that’s still a workable situation, but it does mean putting break-points on every line. Which kinda defeats the purpose of a break point!

Let’s here your thoughts about it, especially if you’ve got a solution.

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