FunPass Released

By | October 29, 2006

The people at Zylom have been working on a new way for casual game lovers to play their games. In the ‘old’ days you had two choices. You could either buy a deluxe game and play it offline without any adds. Or you could play the same games online, with loss of some features and the gain of adds.

As of last Tuesday a new method of playing the casual games was introduced. Zylom released FunPass (currently only available in Dutch 🙁 ). Now you are able to subscribe to FunPass for a fixed amount per month.

Once you are a FunPass member you get to play all the Deluxe games that Zylom offers on its website. No more adds!

It’s definitely worth a try. Especially when you are one of the people thatThe My FunPass Page buys a lot of casual games. And for those of you not speaking Dutch, don’t worry FunPass will be  released in other languages really soon.

You get your own FunPass page with favorites and the top 10 of FunPass games (See image to the right). Along with a new and improved download page.

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