CSS Development, A Time Consuming Business

By | October 18, 2006

Every website developer wants their website to look cool. Not to mention the businesses that hire you. They want the best looking website, sometimes they even have the weirdest ways of pimping that idea (more on that later one).

From tabular to DIV oriented design
In the early years of webdevelopment you could create a website based on tabular design. Would work perfectly, but they are big and hideous to maintain. But for the last few years more and more companies have started to embrace the power, and dislike, for CSS.

You may wonder why I included the dislike factor. After all CSS is supposed to make our lives easier by reducing the clutter in the actual HTML code. I agree, CSS helps to clean up what would normally be unreadable HTML. But, here it comes, there are no standards that are actually followed by browsers.

So what does that mean for webdevelopers! Well get ready to spent hours frustrating on how to align text or pictures the same in all major browsers. Now I know that the W3 has a proposed standard, but I haven’t found a single browser yet that complies completely to the standard. Not to mention that the standard it self is kinda vague about how to calculate offsets and distances. Which means that Internet Explorer and Firefox actually have a different method for calculating offsets.

Problems with browsers rendering of HTML
Some may say that this was true in the past and that most of these issues have been resolved. And to some extend that’s absolutely true. When using fixed widths and heights most browsers tend to render the page the same. But when using percentages to set width and height all browsers react different. For example Internet Explorer won’t stretch an empty DIV if the width is set to 80%, Firefox and some other Mozzilla based browsers do support this.

That all being said I due believe that CSS is a positive development. I just wish that it gets support from all the major browser companies. It would sure make the live off a webdeveloper a lot easier.

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