Tracking users both online and offline

By | October 12, 2006

In marketing and tracking your successes in marketing it’s important to keep track of how people are introduced to your projects. Be it a website or a program you are trying to sell. Even though it’s important most are not using tracking as they could, learning everything from your userbase.

It might seem like a strange thing to do, track your users. Most would think it to be a violation of their privacy. Not knowing that it’s happening all around you. Companies like Microsoft, Google and Yahoo use it all the time.

But why is it so important. First off you learn about the flow on the Internet or word-of-mouth advertising. Might not seem important, but knowing how people find you is key into increasing sales. It also helps you target those sources, like when to air TV-commercials and which stations to advertise with.

When you are tracking it should not end there. You will also want to track how users are flowing through your website. Or how they are using your applications. This will help you discover potential problems, like incorrect navigation or just way to complex ones. In the end this will save, or even make, you money as you will get less complaints and increase the amount of customers.

Actually tracking customers is a whole other story though. Online it’s pretty straight forward. You assign a cookie and just log everything they do, they’ll never know it! Offline is a whole lot more difficult. You can’t sent data to your webservers unless you informed the customer in advance. And customers won’t like it when they are being monitored.

More on this and how you could implement tracking later on….

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