A new look on webdesign

By | September 30, 2006

I’ve recently started to look at what are the most important factor in designing and realizing a successful website. When you are searching online there are a lot of people claiming different things. From quality content to a huge amount of inbound links.

But is there such a thing as a magical factor making a website a success?

When looking at success stories and failures I do believe that lack of planning and dedication can ruin a website, but can the opposite create a guaranteed hit. When not taking in consideration the search engines is it possible to create a website that will attract people. Or better yet get people so interested they will spent some time every week on your website.

Some of the self claimed SEO gurus believe that developing a unique website is key to getting success. But is this actually true. I mean both Live Search Engine and Google are pretty successful, yet they are hardly unique. What do they offer that Yahoo or Ask don’t. Same holds true for Wikipedia. Why are people attracted to it when Britanica is a perfectly good working online encyclopedia.

Some others would claim that design is important in becoming successful online, but if that is true then how on earth did Google ever become popular. In design it’s far from user friendly. You can spent hours looking for simple features like activating a language filter to only display results in French.

So if it’s not uniqueness nor design then what is it that gives some website the edge on others. Is it still possible to create a new website that becomes successful or are we all doomed to fail.

Yeah it should still be possible to create a successful website, but I do believe it will require a lot more dedication then you may be willing to spent. There is just way to much junk on the web. People have started to filter it out by only watching a website for a few seconds before deciding to leave.

What do I think is important for creating a success.

  • Don’t be afraid to fail, changes are you will the first few times
  • Never think that graphics will make up for lack of information or entertainment
  • Make sure that you know who you are trying to reach and how they will use your website. Always adjust the websites navigation and layout to fit their needs!
  • Don’t overdo it! You don’t want to overwhelm you visitor. Some websites can use hourly updates, but most don’t.
  • Don’t think you write in a way that your visitors will understand, make sure you do! Approach your public and ask them if they like what you do.

Will following this list make sure you have a success. No it won’t. Like I said before making a successful website takes time and dedication. And even if you do everything by the book there is no guarantee that people will like it.

My last advice, just try and have fun doing so. If you don’t have fun in writing content or designing your website then your visitors will notice. If you get to stressed out by constantly updating your website then take a holiday, a tequila or whatever calms you down.

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